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4 Things Stephen Hawking teaches us about leadership


Stephen Hawking leaves a legacy behind and has taught the world so much about the Universe – but there are many lessons on leadership which we can learn from the great man. We at Track Surveys have picked four favourite lessons:

Nothing is Perfect

‘One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect.’ Steven Hawking

Hawking’s research into the Universe teaches us to embrace imperfection. The Universe became into existence because of imperfect hydrogen atoms. Their random spacing meant gravity pulled them together and hey presto there was light in the universe in the form of stars.

Without light, nothing else would exist.

Human beings are naturally flawed, we are perfectly in sync with the universe in that way. Nothing is ever perfect in business, life or leadership because human beings are perfectly imperfect.

Great leaders learn to use their imperfections to their advantage – as Hawking did in both his personal and public life. Track 360 provides software which finds flaws and helps transform them into assets.

The right elements

The fastest and most successful businesses have been built in the same way as the Universe – a few basic laws, the right elements and loads of energy and everything as we know is created.

When translating these to the success of a company, all that is needed is a few core values (or basic laws), training and resources (the right elements) and a load of high performing people (energy).

Many successful international companies – Google for example – are advocated of this model. Google self-organises, trains and evaluates its people on an ongoing basis and leads the market through innovation.

The only constant is change

The Universe does not work in absolutes. What is certain is that things are constantly in motion and change. Our technology, workforce and attitudes are upgrading all the time. Successful leaders understand the importance of change and they go with the flow. Mark Zuckerberg created the Facebook software for a different purpose but he recognised that he was on to a great thing and changed and adapted.

In today’s globalised digital world, if you are not monitoring and changing you’re on your way out. Graffiti Feedback helps organisations change with the times by providing innovative tools for better leaders.

Ambition is good

“My goal is simple. It is complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and why it exists at all.” Steven Hawking

Achievable goals are wise but there is a lot of power in being ambitious and having purpose. Hawking inspired the world through his ambition and teaches us that purpose aligned with action generates results.

Some of the world’s most recognisable companies ensure that everything they do aligns action and purpose. L’Oreal has become involved in promoting more women in science. Together with the United Nations’ sustainable development agency, the company established the L’Oreal-Unesco for Women in Science Fellowship. It has awarded a total of £480, 000 to a network of 37 fellows, helping female scientists to further their careers and research in UK and Ireland.

Hawking achieved great things through a simple yet ambitious purpose.

Whatever your ambitions we can help your company know and grow through your people.