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Don’t be a culture vulture: Using 360 Degree Feedback to help build an inclusive culture in tech organisations

Company culture remains one of the biggest reasons behind issues associated with employee behaviour and performance – especially, as seen in this article from Business Insider, within rapidly growing and changing businesses within the tech industry.

We at Track work with companies who are actively changing company culture and measuring progress with 360 Degree Feedback.    If you are attempting to change culture within your tech company, here are four areas we suggest you focus on to help you on your way.


Identify your culture

By obtaining feedback on individuals at a very detailed level, from all their colleagues, then aggregating the feedback, 360 then becomes a means of measuring perceptions within the company of current culture trends – otherwise how can you change culture when you don’t know what it currently is?

Once you have measured current trends and your culture goals are determined, it is easy to communicate these back to the organisation and to track ongoing behaviours through further 360 feedback.

Focus on people

It may seem like an obvious point but we have seen many organisations forget to keep employees in the loop as they try to change structures and change processes.

360 Feedback can help identify any areas within your organisation which has culture ‘leaks’. A frequent area where we see tech employers facing gaps with employees is with middle management where they have a very different experience of communication and decision making. This article from Fortune sheds some more light on tech culture leaks.

Once you have identified areas which need improvement, ensure that your people are trained and kept in the know about the skills they need to be successful within the new company culture.

Also, don’t be afraid to bring in a fresh perspective in the form of feedback from new employees. They can help reinforce culture and combined with trained current employees will foster change and cooperation.

Reward behaviour changes

Once culture shifts start to occur and employees are changing behaviour use rewards as a catalyst for further improvements. Changing your company culture will take time and require buy-in from your employees, and there’s no better way to get them want to change the culture, then by rewarding them for helping them change it.

Review, revise, optimize

Throughout the process make sure to continuously ask for and receive feedback and evaluations on the performance of the culture change with bespoke 360 feedback.

This can help you as the employer understand what is working within your company and what may need a different approach.

Once you have collated your feedback start making revisions to structures and processes within the company to ensure everyone is on board again.

It is never easy to change and implement new company culture and it takes time to be successful. Here at Track we have found that that those companies which consistently evaluate their process and use 360 feedback are able to create a culture within which employees are informed and therefore empowered.

Don’t be a culture vulture when it comes to change – for more information or an impartial consultation on using 360 Degree Feedback to support culture change , Track are happy to assist.