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Performance Review and Appraisal Technologies


Providing clarity, consistency and progress in performance

Monitoring and improving employee and team performance can sometimes be a minefield. Regardless of targets agreed and appraisal metrics used, performance appraisals can sometimes be inconsistent, and at times, frustrating. It is no secret that appraisers have a tough job on their hands, in their pursuit of clarity, consistency, and high-quality performance reviews. The performance appraisal, however, need not be a battleground.

HEADWAY from TRACK is a goal-oriented performance appraisal and 360 feedback tool that brings clarity to the performance review process. It fosters trust between appraiser and appraisee, provides a clear line of sight towards goals, and highlights potential performance issues early on.

Engaging, customisable, and flexible, HEADWAY allows employees to regularly review their performance, whilst giving managers the tools they need to give timely and constructive feedback, and keep their team members on track.

HEADWAY goes even further. It keeps the spirit of performance alive by encouraging frank and open discussion between managers and employees throughout the year. And it provides the organisation with all the metrics needed from the performance review process.

To request a demo or arrange a meeting with one of our expert team, please contact us on +44 (0)20 8360 4455.

Key Features

  • Actively supports employee goal-setting with active feedback evaluation
  • Allows line managers to regularly check-in and review goal progress
  • Provides an easy-to-use online tool for noting progress and areas for development
  • Includes an optional 360 Feedback review module
  • Provides for data-collation throughout the review period
  • Eliminates the complicated and time-consuming search for evidence for the year-end Performance Appraisal process
  • Offers multi-language options to ensure maximum engagement in all countries and regions

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