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How leading organisations are using 360 Degree Feedback, every day.

360 Degree Feedback is a familiar tool in the kitbag of many coaches and talent managers. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that 360 Degree Feedback is being used much more extensively and creatively than ever before. 

Enabling 360 Degree Feedback technology

Using a flexible 360 platform mean that it’s much easier to create bespoke 360s for different purposes and different groups within the same organisation.  Online and software-as-a-service allow you to reach a global audience and link everyone together with common values, behaviours and competencies, without the high costs of ownership.  360 is becoming an indispensable tool for defining, measuring and tracking change, whenever and wherever needed.

Summary case studies

In May 2016, Goldman Sachs announced that their new approach to performance review would rely on ‘high quality and ongoing feedback’, and that 360 feedback will improve people’s performance’.

Vineet Nayar, when he was CEO at HCL Technologies, instituted 360 Degree Feedback for every staff member. For hi, it was particularly important for managers to get feedback from their teams. So committed was he to this idea, that he regularly published his own 360 Degree Feedback on the company’s intranet for everyone to see.

At Track, we work with a number of organisations who are now using our 360 Degree Feedback platforms as a tool to support organisational development and performance improvement. Here are a few examples:

  • At an IT services company, bespoke 360 is being used to build organisational capability through setting and monitoring how managers lead their teams, and including this as part of the annual performance review of those managers.
  • The 360 model is used by another organisation to measure people against a highly developed, professional competency skill set, which is their organisations USP.
  • At a young, highly dynamic company in the online gaming sector, 360 is being used as a self-driven tool for employees to get anytime feedback, building a culture of fast feedback and performance.

So 360 has greater potential that just an individual coaching tool.  It’s a key resource for developing individual employees, as well as the organisation they work in.

We are excited to give a free webinar on July 27th – looking in detail at the ways leading companies use 360, you can register for tickets here.

If you would like to see a more in-depth demonstration of this powerful tool, or you would just like to ask a question about it, please contact us and we would be happy to help.