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Arcus Infrastructure

“Using the Track 360 online portal means that we have a professional, branded 360 feedback portal that is unique to Arcus IP.”


Arcus is an independent fund manager investing in European infrastructure assets in three core sectors: telecoms, transport and energy. Its team of experienced investment professionals works hand-in-hand with portfolio company management teams.  With €17 billion enterprise value of managed assets and  €4.1 billion assets under management, Arcus helps create larger, more resilient businesses that in turn help to meet the infrastructure needs of tomorrow.

The company’s senior team is supported by a diverse group of investment and operations professionals with deep industry knowledge and technical expertise.

The strong in-house team is central to understanding the key risk factors and return drivers of infrastructure investment in the evolving market.

I am more than happy with Track’s tool and service. Everything is done on a timely basis – it’s a ‘fully-oiled machine’.  

Stuart Gray, Partner, Arcus Infrastructure Partners

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The problem we needed to solve

360 Degree Feedback was becoming increasingly important and we started working with an experienced coach to support our senior teams in using their 360 as part of their performance discussions.

We started doing this manually, using spreadsheets to gather the data and pull together the reports, and emails to communicate the process. This was taking up a lot of time and we really needed to make this an online process – both from an admin point of view, but also to give our people a simpler way to give and receive feedback.

We also wanted a 360 that was fully bespoke to Arcus IP’s unique skills and capabilities, so that we could measure what is really important for us.

We wanted to ask for lots of comments, add text boxes for each capability, and have a rating scale that gave us the flexibility we needed in our ratings. Because things change, we wanted a tool that was flexible enough to be changed if our needs changed.

How Track 360 solved the problem

Firstly Track allowed us to run our 360 online. This enabled us to spend more time looking at the results of the feedback and using the feedback in performance discussions, rather than taking up lots of time on admin.

We were also able to have the exact 360 questions we wanted, based on Arcus’s key capabilities, so we know we are asking the right questions. The flexibility of the Track 360 system means that as we have run our 360 each year, we have been able to adapt the questions and the rating scales, improving them easily where we knew improvements should be made.  The customisability means that we are able to run different 360s for people at different levels of seniority, making the 360 feedback more relevant to their roles. The users weren’t aware of the differences – they just saw the question set that was right for their profile and feedback role.

Using the Track 360 online portal means that we have a professional, branded 360 feedback portal that is unique to Arcus IP.

The results: what has changed?

The online process and support from Track has given me confidence in running 360 at Arcus.

Stuart Gray, Partner, Arcus Infrastructure Partners

360 has become an integral part of our performance evaluation and people are comfortable with the process, so much so that following our most recent appraisal round, we had requests from a number of colleagues for a coaching session with our professional coach to help them work with and use their feedback actively for improvement and development.

Track set up and manage the 360 process on our behalf but I am also able to log in and view progress, so I can keep an eye on things and give people a nudge if they need it! It gives me the right amount of control without having to administer the 360.