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“Feedback is now fundamental to our core people strategy of enabling our people to be the best they can be”


One of the world’s most respected legal practices, Baker McKenzie employs more than 3750 lawyers in 70 offices around the globe. The firm delivers high-quality legal solutions, primarily to multinational corporates and financial institutions.

London is home to the firm’s largest office where Baker McKenzie has been well established since opening in 1961. With more than 400 legal professionals and 750employees, it has a substantial presence in the legal and business community.

We’ve successfully introduced a customised 360 degree feedback programme for a whole group of Partners.

Martin Blackburn, HR Director

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The problem we needed to solve

The London firm’s corporate team regularly advises on, and co-ordinates, complex, cross-border transactions for their clients.

Having undergone major leadership changes in the previous six months, it was felt that this team would particularly benefit from an opportunity to assess their effectiveness as a leadership team and also examine how they were motivating and leading associates and other colleagues.

The initial focus was on feedback to Partners because of their leadership roles and to also demonstrate their commitment to listening and engaging with the subsequent feedback from their colleagues. Although some of the Partners had previously worked with 360 degree feedback for their individual development, this was the first time a consistent, customised 360 framework would be used for a larger group within the firm.

How Track 360 solved the problem

Track 360 designed bespoke feedback covering the key capabilities and behaviours for Partners. These had to be observable and measurable and cover technical, leadership and individual capabilities in the Baker McKenzie Partner Development Framework.

The corporate department managers were briefed in detail in advance of the start of the 360 and were given an opportunity to ask questions and to clear any potential issues or doubts they might have had in advance. This was seen as critical to their engagement with the 360. The other members of the corporate department were also briefed in team meetings on the purpose of the partner 360; how it would be used and how to give constructive feedback for development purposes.

Individual Coaching and Group Learning: After the 360 degree feedback process, Partners were offered coaching time and support to review and work through their individual feedback reports.

This was critical to ensure that each Partner was confident with 360 data and could interpret and understand the key messages as well as any unexpected or critical feedback.

The results: what has changed?

This has both contributed to increasing the culture of feedback and in engaging more of our people to join in the feedback discussions.

Martin Blackburn, HR Director

Since the feedback programme was successfully delivered, the participating corporate Partner teams have had facilitated discussions based on the team 360 results. They have been able to identify their skills and strengths both as individuals and as teams and have then developed their own team action plans for driving performance and increasing engagement throughout their groups.

This has given us a consistent basis for future discussions around Partners’ competencies and skills and is closely aligned to our Partner Development Framework.

In addition, associates and other colleagues have given the Partners upward feedback creating both clarity around the behaviours and skills expected from Partners and confidence in the overall feedback process.

This has both contributed to increasing the culture of feedback and in engaging more of our people to join in the feedback discussions.