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“Track 360 allows us to run branded and professional 360s for our personal, leadership & team development programmes.”


Down To Earth Development is a leading consultancy who have been helping their clients to improve business performance through developing the capability of individuals, teams and organisations since 1999.

We work hard to get close to our clients, understand their unique context and create relationships of trust and respect. We always take a commercial focus always identifying where and how value is being added to the organisation.

As well as being enthusiastic about what we do and how we work, we pride ourselves on being straightforward and pragmatic in our approach. We work with courage to ensure that development is both a challenging and positive experience that is based on working with the cause of issues and not just the effect.”

Because the system is flexible we regularly design and create bespoke 360s to measure what’s most important and unique to our clients.

Claire Hack, Executive Consultant

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The problem we needed to solve

We were looking for a 360 Degree Feedback tool that we could use to provide bespoke 360s to run as part of the leadership development programmes we provide to our clients. We believe that 360 feedback which measures what’s most important for success in the unique environment of the client organisation is critical and adds substantially more value than off the shelf 360 products.

So we were looking for a tool that was clear and easy for our clients to use, but critically, that was easy for us to set up and administer. We want to spend our time working closely with clients, so a tool that didn’t take too much time and was intuitive to administer was very important to us.

Also, because we are busy, we wanted to be able to access support when we need it, and not have to wait for a response from a remote service desk. This was an essential requirement as often we need to run and administer the 360s at fairly short notice and want to provide a responsive service to our clients.

How Track 360 solved the problem

The Track 360 tool has allowed us to run 360s that are branded and professional for our programmes, but that are also flexible and scalable to suit different client needs.
We can log into Track 360 when we need to, upload a new group of users, and have our bespoke leadership development 360 up and running in a matter of minutes. We can view progress on a real-time dashboard, which allows us to follow up and encourage completion when required. And finally, we can generate reports when we need to, in time for debriefing groups and individuals on their 360 Degree Feedback.

The Track team are very responsive and helpful, for example we were able to work with the Track team to offer a Spanish language 360 for a client at short notice, which allowed us to add great value to our service. They also provided great support early on as we were getting used to administering the tool. There is also a range of support and training materials that we can refer to at any time.

The results: what has changed?

It feels like I’m working in a partnership with Track 360. I know I can contact the team and get the help I need – when I need it.

Claire Hack, Executive Consultant

We are now confident in offering a bespoke 360 Degree Feedback to our clients, knowing that they will have a positive and seamless experience. This helps us to build our client relationships and offer more holistic development solutions that are unique to our clients.

Working with Track has enabled us to broaden our offer and add more value to our clients.