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“The 360 feedback demonstrated just how much of a change there has been in management behaviours”


This is the story of how a blended management development programme successfully improved the behaviours of managers, based around the globe, in developing countries. Anyone planning a management development programme can learn from this ingenious blend of pre/post 360 degree feedback, online learning, online collaboration and face-to-face workshops.

Plan is one of the largest international development agencies in the world, focused on helping children in developing countries. The organisation is growing by 20% yearly and has nearly 8000 employees and 60,000 volunteers: most of whom are in the field making a difference to the lives of more than 1.5 million children and their families.

This is the first example I’m aware of, of an international charity implementing a training programme of this scope successfully.

Clive Shepherd, Chair of eLearning Network

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The problem we needed to solve

Plan had operated Management Development Programmes in the past however following extensive research and evaluation, it was decided that a blended approach was required to ensure clear strategic direction and integration of skills for the future.

How Track 360 solved the problem

Partnership was seen as key in developing a carefully chosen blend and Clive Shepherd (an internationally renowned expert in blended learning) was drafted in to mix and match modes of learning and evaluation to meet the challenge. As the programme was all about behaviours, an important decision was to top and tail it with 360 appraisals (from Track 360) allowing each learners’ behaviours to be scored by their direct reports, peers and manager.

The results: what has changed?

It’s not uncommon for charities to implement programmes that last a few hours; but a year long programme of learning, involving e-learning, collaborative online learning, workplace assignments, coaching and face-to-face work is unheard off.

Clive Shepherd, Chair of eLearning Network

By running the bespoke 360 Degree Feedback before and after each delegate’s attendance on the programme, we were able to demonstrate just how much of a change there had been in management behaviours.

The line managers of the learners, in particular, observed an average of 45% improvement across the behaviours being developed. Highlights include Leadership & Management and Decision Making improving by 61%, and Leading Change improving by 54%. The programme continues and is run regularly to date.