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Teach First

“Directors could decide how to move their development forward using the 360 as a key information tool”


Teach First is a social enterprise which aims to address educational disadvantage in England and Wales. Teach First coordinates an employment-based teaching training programme whereby participants achieve Qualified Teacher Status through the participation in a two-year training programme that involves the completion of a PGDE along with wider leadership skills training and an optional master’s degree.

This has been a real eye-opener for me.

Participating Director

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The problem we needed to solve

To support the rapid growth and development of the organisation, a leadership development programme was created for the Teach First Associate and Regional Directors. It was felt that this programme should include 360 Degree Feedback that was appropriate and aligned with the organisation’s objectives for individual and organisational growth.

How Track 360 solved the problem

Track developed a set of 360 Degree Feedback questions and ratings that were completely aligned to the Leadership Development programme objectives. Once validated by Teach First stakeholders, Track set up and internally tested a branded, securely-accessed 360 Degree Feedback website for Teach First.

The results: what has changed?

I was a bit sceptical about this at the start, but it’s been very useful!

Participating Director

Track provided first-line support to all users through email and a UK-based telephone helpline. Teach First participants received rapid responses to queries and fast problem resolution.

Each director received their 360 Degree Feedback report the day before their scheduled session or phone call with the Track 360 coach. Each director had a 360 coaching session with Track’s expert 360 coach, either face-to-face or by telephone, where they were able to understand and interpret their feedback, discuss any issues or queries, and decide on how to move their development forward using the 360 Degree Feedback as a key information tool.