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Ten FAQs about 360 Degree Feedback (and the answers!)

With +17 years of experience, working with over 200 companies to design, set up and deliver lots of different 360s, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most commonly asked questions and the answers!  Here’s a short summary and you can request the full white paper, just drop us an email!

FAQ 1) What questions should we ask in our 360 Degree Feedback?

If you are using the 360 to support the development of a particular skillset across your organisation, the 360 questions should be based on the skills you want to develop. If 360 is supporting performance reviews and discussions, the questions should focus on the most important areas of performance improvement.

FAQ 2) Where do we start with a 360?

Depending on what you are measuring, you can use the following as the basis for your 360:  the objectives of a training or development programme, a leadership or management competency framework, job or role descriptions, the organisations key values or unique competitive skill sets.

FAQ 3) How many questions in the 360?

We recommend around 30-40 questions in total; longer questionnaires are difficult to engage with and the quality of the feedback can be affected.

FAQ 4) Ratings or text questions?

A mix of rating questions and free text questions provides a robust and effective 360 Degree Feedback.

 FAQ 5) Should we use 360 for performance?

Many organisations are now turning to 360 Degree Feedback to support a dynamic and flexible approach to performance discussions.

FAQ 6) Should 360 Degree Feedback be anonymous?

Best practice is that the feedback ratings and text from colleagues are not attributable to individuals, apart from those of the line manager.

FAQ 7) Who should choose the raters for each ratee?

There are three main options:

  • Ratees decide whom they are going to ask for feedback.
  • Raters are pre-chosen (by line managers, HR or L&D)
  • A mix of the above

FAQ 8) What should be included in the 360 Degree Feedback report?

Clarity and simplicity are essential elements of a good 360 feedback report.  The report should highlight the key messages coming from the ratings given, and provide more detailed information if required.

FAQ 9) When should the ratee see their report?

Where 360 is a new process, or people are not used to working with feedback, we recommend that they are coached or debriefed through the feedback report as soon as they get their report.

FAQ 10) Should the ratee show their feedback to anyone else?

The best added-value comes from the ratee sharing and discussing their 360 feedback with their line manager.

We hope this short overview we interesting and helpful.  Please contact us for more information.