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UK businesses are impacted by poor leaders

New research from Canada Life Group Insurance highlights poor leadership is damaging workers’ performance in UK businesses with 81% of UK employees reporting feelings of disempowerment and lack of support from their their manager or boss. There is no doubt that UK businesses are impacted by poor leaders.

The internal survey asked 1000 employees their views. The survey showed that there is low trust in leadership teams.

The UK’s position is behind the average in productivity compared to the other six members of the G7 group of nations.  This means that productivity remains a major economic and business issue and the UK seems to perform 15% lower according to the survey.

Staff blame a negative working environment, poor management and lack of recognition as the main disruptions. As a result, this reduces the quality of their work, and their productivity.

Track works with organisations using bespoke 360 Degree Feedback to communicate and embed the organisation’s values. 360 also helps managers to have better conversations with their teams and thus improve performance and employee engagement. This in turn helps to reduce the extent to which UK businesses are impacted by poor leaders.

 “Employees  do not feel they are productive at work. This points to the clear disconnect between business leaders and workers, which is alarming. Clearly many UK businesses need to do more to support and appreciate their staff. This may be through simple remedies such as better communication of their organisation’s values. Alternatively, through company wide initiatives like redefining employee management and engagement practices.” Paul Avis, Marketing Director of Canada Life Group comments.

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