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Employee Engagement Technologies


Obtaining critical data on employee engagement factors in real time

Information is key in business – market information, employee information, and the host of other information which decision-makers manage every day. How your customers feel about your brand defines your brand. What your employees say about your brand is equally critical. After all, employees work to generate business and retain customers. With employees firmly positioned in the value chain, it pays great dividends to fully understand how they feel, and what they think about their company.

Getting clear and concise employee satisfaction information however, is not as straight-forward as it might seem. Information is one thing – deep insights, another.

Engaging, customisable, and flexible, INSIGHT, from TRACK, combines clever technology with our deep strategy and operations expertise, to deliver global-standard employee satisfaction and engagement data in formats that the organisation can use for critical decision making.

To request a demo or arrange a meeting with one of our expert team, please contact us on +44 (0)20 8360 4455.

Key Features

  • Bespoke data-gathering on the issues that matter most to your organisation
  • Flexible reporting for additional insights
  • Multi-language options to ensure maximum engagement in all countries and regions
  • Accessed on multiple devices

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