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Find the best 360 Feedback Software

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With so many different tools out there, how do you find the best 360 Feedback software for your organisation, or your strategic development programme?

There are two options for a 360 degree feedback assessment. The first is an off the shelf tool based on a standard leadership or management model. There are many excellent off the shelf tools, and they work well for individual coaching and career development. The other option is a bespoke or customised 360 degree feedback. Organisations use bespoke 360 feedback to build specific skill sets. These could include leadership skills, values or KPIs that are unique. As well as customising the questions in your 360, you may also want to tailor the language to align with your culture and communications. If you decide to go for the bespoke approach, how do you find the best 360 feedback software?

Here are the key questions to bear in mind – and to ask your software provider!

How easy is the tool for raters and ratees?

Users need to be able to access the online questionnaires securely but also easily. Some online tools need a separate email to link to each 360 questionnaire. So, for example, if I have been asked by three people to give them feedback, I would need three separate emails to take into each questionnaire. If I lose one of those emails or fail to see it, then I’ve lost the way to get to that questionnaire.

An online portal, or dashboard, makes it much easier for users to give feedback. Each person has their own username and password which takes them to their own ‘360 portal’. Here they can see a list of the tasks that they have to complete. This includes giving feedback, asking for feedback and completing a self-review. They can also see their previous reports.

Is it easy to customise?

You’ll need to check is how easy the software is to customise. You will want to create a questionnaire that has customised competency headings, questions and rating scales. But as an HR or L&D professional, you don’t want to grapple with programming or HTML. The software should allow you to edit by simply typing in your content. Email templates should also be easy to access and edit. Make sure you get a full demo of the admin function to see how easily the software can be tailored.

Can you re-use your 360 content?

Next, your 360 degree feedback software should allow you to set up content once, then reuse it when you need to. So once you’ve set up your bespoke 360, e.g. your leadership development 360, and reuse this each time you want to run the 360 for a new group. You should be able to use current content as a basis for new questionnaires too.

Your 360 platform should also allow you to run multiple 360s, especially if you have different development programs running at the same time.

Are reports easy to generate?

The best 360 Feedback software should allow you to click and generate a report whenever you need to as an administrator. You always be in control of the process and the reports, with ratees only seening their reports if you permit them to do so.

Anonymity in reports is imporant; the system should allow you to combine feedback from different reporting relationships e.g. peers and direct reports, where there is not enough feedback to maintain the anonymity of raters.

Is administration easy?

Your 360 degree feedback software should have the flexibility to allow for preloading of raters, or choosing of raters by the ratees, or both.

Check out how easily you can deal with undeliverable emails and other commonly experienced support queries.

Will you get support when you need it?

Don’t forget to ask about training and support for your admin team. Does the provider offer training and fast support for your administrator team? This is important to specially at the start of your 360 setup and launch. Some software providers may not provide fast support and you may have to wait several days for a ticket to the responded to – this can really hold up your 360 plans.

Check out how Track 360 delivers

Of course, we think that Track 360 is the best 360 degree feedback software on market, but we would say that! Track 360 has great flexibility, the ability to customise, is user friendly and intuitive, and used by many organizations in many different ways. But don’t just take our word for it! Check it out with our short demo video, and get in touch to find out how track 360 that help you with strategic 360 degree feedback in your organization.




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