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How to deal with unexpected 360 feedback


In this short video, I explore how deal with unexpected 360 feedback

I had a chat with a client a couple of weeks ago, asking for advice on  how to deal with unexpected 360 feedback. One of his team was not very happy about some areas of her 360 report, as she had rated herself more highly than others had. So we had a discussion about how he could help her to understand and get more from this feedback.

Sometimes people can be surprised when their feedback is not what they expected. People might think the 360 is like an exam – which it isn’t. So if they don’t get one hundred percent, or amazing comments, they think they are not doing well.

That’s why it’s important for people to know that their 360 feedback is about their development, about what they can do better, and also what they’re doing really well! A good coach or manager
will be sure to point out the positive as well as any critical feedback.

Another problem can be when the person receiving the feedback doesn’t understand the skills or competencies that are in the 360 – or why these are important. So the team leader should be able to explain this in the context of that person’s role and development plans.

Finally 360 Degree Feedback is about people’s observations and perceptions, so even though she may not agree with them, her colleagues experiences are important, and the feedback
can be a great way for her to understand her own skills and competencies more fully.

Unexpected 360 feedback can be a wake up call

360 feedback isn’t always what the person wants to hear, but it may be what they need. The skill of the team leader is to help the team member understand and accept their 360 Degree Feedback report. By doing this, you can support your team and show them how to deal with unexpected 360 feedback.

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